Access management


LaminDB doesn’t come with access management but relies on the underlying data infrastructure for this.


LaminHub provides a layer for AWS & GCP that makes access management more secure & intuitive.

Rather than configuring storage & database permissions directly on AWS or GCP, LaminHub allows you to manage collaborators for databases & storages as intuitively as you manage access to git repositories on GitHub.

In contrast to a closed SaaS product like GitHub, LaminHub leaves you in full control of your data with direct API access to storage & databases on AWS or GCP.

How does it work? Based on an identity provider (Google, GitHub, SSO, OIDC) and a role-based permission system, LaminDB users automatically receive federated access tokens for resources on AWS or GCP.

Cloud providers

Currently, only on the enterprise plan, we’re happy to

  1. host databases & storage in Lamin’s AWS/GCP infrastructure

  2. help you connect LaminHub to databases & storage in your AWS/GCP infrastructure

We’ll role out a fully hosted Pro plan over time.