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🤝 If using LaminHub, please use the latest version of LaminDB.

💡 LaminDB implements “migration-based versioning”. When upgrading your LaminDB installation to a new minor version in major.minor.patch, you also migrate your database by calling lamin migrate deploy.

💡 Get notified about new LaminDB releases by watching releases for the lamindb GitHub repository.


Use cases

LaminHub 0.24


LaminDB 0.74.1

  • ♻️ Refactor ln.settings PR @falexwolf

    • ✨ you can now pass custom names for scripts via = "My script"

    • ⚠️ now returns a StorageSettings object (root via

  • ✨ Support different join types in QuerySet.df() PR @insavchuk

  • 📝 Update hub screenshots PR @sunnyosun


LaminDB 0.74.0

  • ✨ You can now distinguish model-like and dataset-like artifacts via a type field in the Artifact registry

    • 🚸 Leverage artifact.params.add_values() to annotate model-like artifacts like you leverage artifact.features.add_values() to annotate dataset-like artifacts

    • 🏗️ Add type field to Artifact, allow linking model-like artifacts against params, validate params akin to validating features, enable features-based annotation with non-ulabels PR @falexwolf

    • 🚸 Support dict in add_values PR @Zethson

  • ♻️ Refactor after upath upgrade PR PR @Koncopd