class bionty.Organism(name: str, taxon_id: str | None, scientific_name: str | None)

Bases: BioRegistry, TracksRun, TracksUpdates

Organism - NCBI Taxonomy, Ensembl Organism.


For more info, see tutorials Manage biological registries and Organism.


>>> record = bionty.Organism.from_public(name="rabbit")


run ForeignKey

Last run that created or updated the record. Run

id AutoField

Internal id, valid only in one DB instance.

uid CharField

A wrapper for a deferred-loading field. When the value is read from this object the first time, the query is executed.

name CharField

Name of a organism, required field.

ontology_id CharField

NCBI Taxon ID.

scientific_name CharField

Scientific name of a organism.

public_source ForeignKey

PublicSource this record associates with.

previous_runs ManyToManyField

Sequence of runs that created or updated the record.

parents ManyToManyField

Parent organism records.

artifacts ManyToManyField

Artifacts linked to the organism.

created_at DateTimeField

Time of creation of record.

created_by ForeignKey

Creator of record. User

updated_at DateTimeField

Time of last update to record.