class lamindb.setup.core.InstanceSettings(id, owner, name, storage, keep_artifacts_local=False, uid=None, db=None, schema=None, git_repo=None, is_on_hub=None)

Bases: object

Instance settings.


db str

Database connection string (URI).

dialect Literal['sqlite', 'postgresql']

SQL dialect.

git_repo str | None

Sync transforms with scripts in git repository.

Provide the full git repo URL.

is_on_hub bool

Is this instance on the hub?

Can only reliably establish if user has access to the instance. Will return False in case the instance isn’t found.

is_remote bool

Boolean indicating if an instance has no local component.

keep_artifacts_local bool

Default to keeping artifacts local.

Enable this optional setting for cloud instances on

Guide: Keep artifacts local in a cloud instance

name str

Instance name.

owner str

Instance owner. A user or organization account handle.

schema set[str]

Schema modules in addition to core schema.

slug str

Unique semantic identifier of form "{account_handle}/{instance_name}".

storage StorageSettings

Default storage.

For a cloud instance, this is cloud storage. For a local instance, this is a local directory.

storage_local StorageSettings

An additional local default storage.

Is only available if keep_artifacts_local is enabled.

Guide: Keep artifacts local in a cloud instance

uid str

The user-facing instance id.