, ignore_conflicts=False, **kwargs)

Bulk save to registries & storage.


This is a much faster than saving records using


Bulk saving neither automatically creates related records nor updates existing records! Use for these use cases.

  • records (Iterable[Registry]) – Multiple Registry objects.

  • ignore_conflicts (bool | None, default: False) – If True, do not error if some records violate a unique or another constraint. However, it won’t inplace update the id fields of records. If you need records with ids, you need to query them from the database.

  • **kwargs – Get kwargs related to parents.

Return type:



Save a collection of records in one transaction, which is much faster than writing a loop over

>>> labels = [ln.ULabel(f"Label {i}") for i in range(10)]

For a single record, use

>>> transform = ln.Transform(name="My pipeline")

Update a single existing record:

>>> transform = ln.filter(ln.Transform, uid="0Cb86EZj").one()
>>> = "New name"