class bionty.ExperimentalFactor(name: str, ontology_id: str | None, abbr: str | None, synonyms: str | None, description: str | None, parents: list[ExperimentalFactor], public_source: PublicSource | None)

Bases: BioRegistry, TracksRun, TracksUpdates

Experimental factors - Experimental Factor Ontology.


For more info, see tutorials Manage biological registries and ExperimentalFactor.

Bulk create ExperimentalFactor records via from_values.


>>> standard_name = bionty.ExperimentalFactor.public().standardize(["scRNA-seq"])
>>> record = bionty.ExperimentalFactor.from_public(name=standard_name)


objects Manager


created_at DateTimeField

Time of creation of record.

created_by ForeignKey

Creator of record, a User.

run ForeignKey

Last run that created or updated the record, a Run.

updated_at DateTimeField

Time of last update to record.

id AutoField

Internal id, valid only in one DB instance.

uid CharField

A universal id (hash of selected field).

name CharField

Name of the experimental factor.

ontology_id CharField

Ontology ID of the experimental factor.

abbr CharField

A unique abbreviation of experimental factor.

synonyms TextField

Bar-separated (|) synonyms that correspond to this experimental factor.

description TextField

Description of the experimental factor.

molecule TextField

Molecular experimental factor, parsed from EFO.

instrument TextField

Instrument used to measure the experimental factor, parsed from EFO.

measurement TextField

Phenotypic experimental factor, parsed from EFO.

public_source ForeignKey

PublicSource this experimental_factors associates with.

previous_runs ManyToManyField

Sequence of runs that created or updated the record.

parents ManyToManyField

Parent experimental factor records.

artifacts ManyToManyField

Artifacts linked to the experimental_factors.