class bionty.PublicSource(entity: str, organism: str, currently_used: bool, source: str, version: str, source_name: str | None, url: str | None, md5: str | None, source_website: str | None)

Bases: Registry, TracksRun, TracksUpdates

Versions of public ontologies.


Do not modify the records unless you know what you are doing!


run ForeignKey

Last run that created or updated the record. Run

id AutoField

Internal id, valid only in one DB instance.

uid CharField

A universal id (hash of selected field).

entity CharField

Entity class name.

organism CharField

Organism name, use ‘all’ if unknown or none applied.

currently_used BooleanField

Whether this record is currently used.

source CharField

Source key, short form, CURIE prefix for ontologies.

source_name TextField

Source full name, long form.

version CharField

Version of the source.

url TextField

URL of the source file.

md5 TextField

Hash md5 of the source file.

source_website TextField

Website of the source.

previous_runs ManyToManyField

Sequence of runs that created or updated the record.

created_at DateTimeField

Time of creation of record.

created_by ForeignKey

Creator of record. User

updated_at DateTimeField

Time of last update to record.



Set this record as the currently used public source.


>>> record = bionty.PublicSource.filter(uid="...").one()
>>> record.set_as_currently_used()